Shape Editor

Shape Editor

What is the Shape Editor?

The Shape Editor is probably one of the most amazing and powerful feature in Pro100 software. It gives you the capability to design irregular shapes. If you are a custom cabinet maker or you make  a lot of custom items, this is a simply going to be your best friend. Design crown molding profiles, cut out sink counterops, custom cabinets, tables, table legs, balusters etcetera.

In order to use the Shape Editor, highlight the Element and click on the icon or hold down CTRL + Q on your keyboard. This simple action will open a gridded page where you can start by working your way anti-clockwise . Learn how to work with angle calculations, arcs, curves, notches and much more.

How to use it

The follow video and sample images illustrates the kind of shapes you are able to make using this feature in Pro100. See Shape Editor Video

Design Example


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