My Testimonial

My Testimonial

Late In 2016 I was really looking for someway to make better design presentations to my prospective clients.I have designed basement remodels all with a tape measure and a pencil. It got old. All my designs were on a notebook pad.

The Designing software was expensive and required more understanding of a computer than what I had. And then in October of 2016 I came across a 3D designing Software called Pro100. It touted ease of operation, saving all designs to a catalog. I was intrigued. I was able to Download a demo and play with it over and over for as long as I wanted. And then I was given an opportunity to design an entire house. I visited the house with the Pro100 Cabinet Build Software.

I took the software with me. I had just purchased this little USB Dongle key for $2500. All I needed was my laptop. Just like I had done in the past, I got out my tape measure and pencil and with my newly purchased Cabinet Build Software I did what I was never been able to do before, I started drawing and designing.

I designed wall replacement after another. I designed the bathroom and placement of sink, toilet and tub. I designed can lights and cabinetry. The job cost came in around $30,000. The client loved it and commented the designed was exactly what he had imagined. I would not have been able to secure this job so quickly without Pro 100 Cabinet Build Software.

- Charles Miller