Cabinet Pricing

Cabinet Pricing

How do you price your cabinets?

Cabinet makers often price their cabinets based on material consumption or line of cabinet or both. For example, mahogany might cost a little more than Maplewood depending on how and where you get the raw materials. Materials usually come in sheets ready for cutting. Kitchen dealers on the other hand care much less about material consumption since they buy ready-made materials and mark the price to fit the market. We are going to discuss both scenarios. The technique and procedure is the same for garage cabinets, office designs, closets, bathroom etcetera.

Cabinet Makers

Cabinet makers face the challenge of not just pricing the cabinets as they make them. The job includes transporting the finished cabinets and estimating cabinet installation. It is also safe to say that time-based estimation for tasks in the installation process is the most accurate. Also, pricing by percentage on high-end projects may easily surpass the cost of materials. Considering these factors means getting your hands on good software that will do the job accurately and efficiently.

Cut List Gold Optimizer

Because of the considerable amount of time spent on calculating material costs, installation and any other overhead expenditures, the Cut List Gold optimizer is your solution. This is a third party software that is used by many cabinet and closet makers to create cutting diagrams and obtain accurate cut lists. The application is available on the Apple store. See a video on how to use the Cut List Gold Optimizer.

Using Cut List Gold Optimizer integrated with Pro100 software will positively impact your production speed and accuracy. Your customers will be amazed on how fast you can turn any job around. 

Kitchen Dealers

If you buy ready-made cabinets from a manufacturer or vendor, Pro100 software is your pricing solution. it doesn't matter how big your catalog. We'll help you build it from scratch with each and every item included in the pricing. These may include cabinet hardware such as knobs, hinges etcetera. See cabinet pricing video