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Building Construction Software

Deck Construction

This was a great project and fun too. Though Pro100 was not designed for outside design work I decided to find out what the possibilities were. So I met with my client and found out what exactly they were after. I started by taking pictures of the upper deck and the yard. Next I took a ton of measurements. Then I went to my home office and with the help of my support team at Pro100 I struck out to design. Something I had not been able to do with CAD programs.

First I learned how to use the Element Tool. Next I learned how to use the Shape Editor. Then I learned how to save to my personal Catalog Pro100 has made available to everyone.
From there I became acquainted with the centering tool, copy and paste and alignment. Before I knew I was doing something I never thought I would be able to do.

I found I was having an extraordinary amount of fun.
Then I exported the file with the panorama tool. This allowed my client to see my design in 3D. We made a few tweeks and with a 30% deposit I was able to start their job.
The deck is not finished but shortly it will and then you will see the whole project . Buy this software now and change the way you do business.
Thanks and have fun.

~ Charles Miller